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The question of the absent chapter 28 ...

The unfinished text ... death the editor

Le Mont Analogue ... René Daumal

Le gout de l'infini ... le gout de néant ...



1. The Lotus Sutra

"The Lotus Sutra - It is easy to fall in with the Sutra's protagonists and, like them, fail to notice that the preaching of the Lotus sermon promised in the first chapter never takes place ... in the text. The text is open, or empty, at its very centre ...

(Grapard details the "intertextual" process by which associations were made between the Buddha and Hachiman, the Lotus Sutra and the Kunisaki Peninsular. The result was a "textualized mountain" on which were stamped the structure, language, and meaning of the Sutra. Twenty eight temples were established on the mountain to represent the Sutra's twenty eight chapters ....

The lotus Sutra and the mountain were thus mutually transformed into one another, and in the envisioned landscape of inter-textuality, "reading the scripture, one discovered the mountain; walking the mountain became the equivalent of reading the scripture".)

What would happen if the method of intertextuality were applied to the field of politics?"


The Lotus Sutra in Japanese Culture

Edited by F George J. Tanabe.Jr, and Willa Jane Tanabe.

University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu


2. Chapter 28

The key ... opened, revealed, by a key-code ... the truth we can never write about or reveal. Yoko's age perhaps. The age of innocence when all truth is evident and numinous. Her sister's desire to steal her virginity.  Before the first confrontation at the barricades.


"All opium-eaters are tainted with the infirmity of having work unfinished ... " De Quincey talking about Coleridge's failure to complete his grand work.

"In that last sentence De Quincey finally admitted that his hopes, and the hopes of so many addicts, of writing the grand philosophical work which would explain the riddle of the universe, were delusions; the great books would never be perfected and published. Coleridge, Poe, Francis Thompson ...De Quincey's own De  emendatione humani intellectus, all were headless failures."

Alethea Hayter: Opium and the Romantic Imagination. Page 117.



Our worst fears ...

- most deeply repressed fears and memories 

- our most secret fetishes 

- sources, triggers of the deepest desire/s

- what I must NOT WRITE about ...


3.  The domain of the noh/nohzone. Can never be reached, enclosed, finalised, completed, forgotten, forgiven.

cf to Yeats' image of Byzantium.

The young in one another's arms, the birds in the trees. Perfected art ... cyclic time.

Yeats's obsession with Salomé ...


4. "The Sacred Stone

"A stone surges forth from the earth and is inscribed with a text stating that the Buddha expounded the Lotus Sutra on the Peak of the Numinous Eagle, and that he manifested himself in Japan as Hachiman. Hachiman practises his devotion in front of the stone and possessed of supernatural powers he flies off to visit various parts of the country.

A blacksmith sees three stones that emit a great radiance. Perched atop these stones, a golden falcon suddenly undergoes metamorphosis into a dove. Hachiman's theriomorphic symbol.

A miraculous well appears near the stones


The Tanabes ... See above



5. The Tale of Genji: Murasaki Shikibu

Chapter 28: The Typhoon

"Women who had been seduced by the spring garden, where now seduced by the autumn ...

But then came a typhoon ... more savage than in former years ... the storm raged into the night, dark and terrible. Great branches were rent from trees with terrifying explosions.  Tiles were flying through the air in such numbers that the roofs must at any moment be stripped bare.

Even on a night of raging tempests

I did not forget the one whom I do not forget ... "




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