A satellite beyond www.nohzone.com



You have dared to enter one of the spectral domains of NohZone ...

Beyond the highest branches of the tree of life, there is nothing ... beyond the highest branches of the tree of knowledge is the Nohzone ... otherwise known as "Before Completion" ... in which float a thousand leaves, all identical though none the same ... we must climb both trees at once ... as do the two snakes, of the Caduceus.

 As we must read the three texts.

 Three texts ... of which the title of the fourth is;

"and ... Death Shall Have No Domain Name”


 A distillation of the three? Why else climb the trees, suffering the sacrifice of  initiation, if not to touch the mirror (with a thousand faces) in which we hope to see the illusion of unity? Milles feuilles.

In the reading of the three novels, the fourth is reborn.

 In the reading of the fourth novel, we appear to reclaim the past, (which can never be reclaimed) follow the virtual maps of memory ... clinging, clinging ... only to be burnt at the stake by the rationalists (if we are not careful) like Giordano Bruno.

 Learn not to cling ...