Peter Whitehead
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Peter Lorrimer Whitehead

  • Wholly Communion , 1965. Cinema verité documentary of the first meeting of American and English Beat poets: Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, Corso, Adrian Mitchell. Albert Hall, June ll, 1965. 33 minutes.

 Charlie is my Darling , 1965. Peter Whitehead and the Rolling Stones on their first tour of Ireland, 1965. 60 minutes.

 Benefit of the Doubt , 1966. About the Vietnam War, plus interview with Peter Brook and Glenda Jackson. 60 minutes.

 Pink Floyd , London, 1966/67. First ever footage of Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett performing live and in studio. 30 minutes.

 Tonite Let's All Make Love In London , 1967. Music by Pink Floyd and others. Julie Christie, Michael Caine, David Hockney. 70 minutes.

 The Fall , 1969. The aftermath of assassination of Martin Luther King, the great Pentagon protest march, the sit-in at Columbia University. With Alberta Tiburzi and Angelo Mannsraven. 110 minutes.

 Daddy , 1974. With Nikki de St. Phalle. Unveils the destructive, perverse and everlasting influence of a father upon his daughter, alternately gothic and surreal. 90 minutes.

 Fire in the Water , 1977. With Nathalie Delon, The Animals, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, David Hockney, John Lennon. A film-maker reviews his brief movie career in the highlands of Scotland while his girlfriend explores the countryside alone. An alchemical allegory. 90 minutes.

Books and Publications:

  • Nora and... 1990 Brookside Press, London. Whitehead's first published novel, an exploration of the connection between sex and revolution set in the turbulent student riots in Paris in 1968.

 The Risen: A Holographic Novel . 1994 Hathor Publishing, Kettering. A physicist splits a pyramid-shaped diamond with a jade-green X-ray laser beam. The author, a psycho-pharmacologist, splits his mind with a pyramidine crystal of the smart drug Tiresiamine. What can holographic time be, other than endless reincarnation?

 Pulp Election: The Booker Prize Fix . 1996 Bluedove Publishing, London. Whitehead writing as 'Carmen St. Keeldare'. Could it be true? The manuscript of Milton Cruikshank's Confessions of a Secret Agent - scandalous and explosive enough to bring down the government - keeps accidentally disappearing into thin air? These mysteries and more...

 Baby Doll . 1996 Velvet Publications, London. The year 1972 found Peter ensconced in a chateau in southern France with a teenage heiress model and a month's supply of film and psychedelic drugs.

 Tonite Let's All Make Love In London , is available from Hathor Publishing, Shepherd's Cottage, Pytchley, Kettering, Northants, NN14 1EX, UK. Tel: 01536 791297. Fax: 790505.