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A psycho-therapeutic collaboration with sculptress Niki De St Phalle and the closest Whitehead has ever got to making a fictional movie.


Daddy is a garish, uninhibitedly relentless assault on the Law Of The Father, in which a daughter (De St Phalle) returning to the French chateau of her childhood, re-lives and re-imagines a series of erotic taboos and transgressions visited on the hapless daddy (Rainer Von Dietz) featuring herself, her mother and a pubescent convent girl (Mia Marin).


The blindfolding of the father becomes a constantly refracted symbol for the sexual powergames between father and daughter, the oscillation between submission and control, play and seduction, the visible and the hidden. Deliberately vulgar and tasteless, with a level of non-acting that achieve a certain kind of awful brilliance.


Watch out for a few glimpses of Whitehead uncredited as Daddy's falconer.



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