Independent on Sunday : 23 December 2000
“E-fiction: a sensitive plant?” -

by Nicholas Royle


This year, two giant best sellers plunged into online publication. Both
caught cold. Yet you can find good, original writing on the net.

 .....Both Frederick Forsyth and Stephen King soon voiced second thoughts ...

and their projects were pulled off the internet.



 ..... But Web novels such as Geoff Ryman's and Peter Whitehead's are an enrichment of our culture.

Peter Whitehead's nohzone trilogy ( will exploit the medium's possibilities to the full.

 Nohzone will comprise three parallel, identically structured novels

that users will be able to read linearly or vertically.

There's also satellite websites - Whitehead has registered 30 suitable sites -

such as www.and -

and links or organisations in the text -

MI5, eco-terrorism, Sellafield, sado-masochism and a whole lot more.

Whitehead describes it as a “web-novel”, rather than a novel published on the web.