Peter Whitehead

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Film Retrospective - Vienna 2006
review by Ed Halter

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Bradford International
Film Festival 2009

July-August 2006.

"In the right place at the right time, filmmaker Peter Whitehead wrestled with the contradictions of the Sixties counterculture - and embodied them as well"
Henry K. Miller

"Whitehead was the greatest avant-garde British filmmaker of the Sixties. His films stand together as an unrivalled record of that decade's counter-culture"

Dave Calhoun - Film Editor, TIME OUT magazine

"This most exciting and highly original work, may well be the future of the novel."

Andrew Sinclair

As an image he's sharp, eloquent, supremely ambiguous. The tricephalic Nordic God. Filmmaker, Falconer, Serial Confessor.

Mondo 2000

The Guardian - 22 November 2002

"I dream therefore I am.
I doubt therefore I film."


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