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Nora and...
Nora and...
a novel by Peter Whitehead

Nora and ...
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An intimate exorcism of mnemonic ghosts. Starting off amidst the violent chaos of the barricades, Paris '68, the narrative retreats to a country house where a three-way sex tangle

commences. An uptight English biologist is in love with a German girl Nora - the unreachable daughter of a Freudian psychoanalyst (she's transcribing his final case study from flawed recollection), but he fucks her French dancer/actress/nympho best friend. The narrative then switches to Nora, as she attempts to deal with memories of her father and her emerging sexual desires. Whitehead folds in the ideas - plagiarism, sexuality, possession, mythology, the unknowability of the feminine, with his own luminous black and white imagery of the child filmed whist digging for food in the Warsaw Ghetto, and a whore/virgin - bound and acquiescent, for the voyeur's gaze, in a darkened room.

This ingenious novel is the dream of the film that Godard never made. Erotic and disturbing
Andrew Sinclair