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Pulp Election

Pulp Election/The Booker Prize Fix
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Pulp Election
a novel by Peter Whitehead

Pulp Election: the Booker Prize Fix by Carmen St. Keeldare (1996)

 The further adventures of Milton Crookshank, former MI5 fixer, assassin and whipping boy. Failing miserably to write his government shattering memoirs, he becomes

fascinated by the meteoric rise of some plagiarised Romance novel which a mysterious agency seems to be promoting for the Booker. Suspecting that the roxy dominatrix living upstairs is involved, Crookshank decides to investigate. Pseudonymously written by Whitehead, its a fecund combo of deranged literary satire, pulp thriller and bondage romance. Some have suspected that it conceals the truth about the British government's collusions with the publishing industry. These rumours are allegedly false.

Secret State confessions recycled as gast fiction, written by born-again Watergate conspirators.
London Review of Books

review article by Iain Sinclair